Custom ERP Development - Making your large business process smaller and easier to manage

International standards are followed while studying your business process for proper analysis of the system.

ETS India, a leading ERP Development Company in India offers an extensive variety of custom ERP solutions to small, medium and big level organizations to maintain business easily. There are so many reasons why an organization/company would require ERP Software.

  • It improves efficiency of business
  • Its reduce cost of business marketing and other operations
  • Well-organized record-keeping.
  • Reducing communication gap between departments by bringing in under centralized system.
  • Save time and boost productivity level of business
  • Can access application database anywhere through mobile-friendly application.
  • Industry domain we serve

    • Banking & Financial Services
    • Consumer Packaged Goods
    • Energy - Oil & Gas, Oil Field Services and Renewables
    • Government
    • Healthcare
    • High Tech
    • Insurance
    • Life Sciences
    • Manufacturing
    • Media & Information Services
    • Resources - Metals, Mining & Construction
    • Retail
    • Telecom
    • Travel, Transportation & Hospitality
    • Utilities
  • Who needs this solution?

    Being at the top of the organization you are unable to get minute reports from various departments working under you rather it is not possible. You are bound to depend completely upon the verbal information you get from departmental employee which cannot even be validated.

    Do you want that a single transaction/event which is happening at a department to impact on other departments through a set of rules predefined by you without the need to wait till someone informs you but can be seen from the computer in front of you? Are you tired of moving from your one branch to another just to watch and monitor the business at each department of each branch offices?

    Can you really see everything which is actually being done in each branch?

    Being at the top management if you want, can you get a report of a fresh employee and his hourly work/activity update, which has just joined in your organization?

    Can you get a report of each employee any time you want without asking anybody?

    Do you want to go paperless to boost up the go green initiative for the well being of Global eco-system?

    Do you want to automate your business as much as possible to reduce human errors in the middle for greater profitability in your business?

    If any of the above questions is applicable for you then ‘YOU ARE OUR CUSTOMER’. Contact us for your FREE system study. We will propose you the best solution for FREE.

  • Custom solution development

    If your budget is small or you are micro, small or medium scale enterprise where you have a limited budget for computerization or automation of the system. Be open to us. We will create a system for you based on your budget after studying your existing system for FREE.

  • SAP/Oracle implementations

    If you are a large scale organization then we recommend going for SAP or Oracle ERP implementation. For free system study please contact us.

  • Project life cycle we do follow

    As Is: This is the phase where we study your system or business process and validate our understanding with your designated person for approval.

    Gap Analysis: We find out the painful areas and list down the gaps of your business process which are required to be eradicated for larger revenue of your organization. We share that too for validation.

    To Be: We create a textual and diagrammatic view of the total system which we are going to develop or implement to your business and we mutually finalize after requested modifications done from your end

    Development: We start development considering the approved To Be document as final scope of work.

    Testing: We make unit test, system integration test, user acceptance testing

    Training: We provide free training to your users.

    Go live: We deploy the system at your production server for your live use

    Support: Our 24 x 7 support team starts providing you technical support after you go live for agreed amount of time and then we make a contract for maintenance.

ERP Development is something that your organization will positively need for its success, so if you would to like to get more information about our enterprise application or mobility solutions then contact us today. Our experts are ready to respond to all your query regarding consulting the right ERP Software Development for your business.